How to Pick the Right Safe Word

“Pick a good one before you get really hurt”

If you don’t know what a safe word is, then you need to hop on and immediately start reading some reviews of bondage sites. Read a site review here: You can tell from the review whether the site is legit or not. If you are looking for some bondage play, you must start your research today. You obviously are a bit behind the times, and that’s no way to be when it comes to bondage in general. If you do know what a safe word is, however, then you might be wondering how to pick the best one for you. Whatever the case may be, a safe word is extremely important in your relationship if you practice bondage with one another. Keep this in mind and make sure that you take the time to discuss what exactly will work best in the kind of scenarios that the two of you play out.

What Is a Safe Word, Anyway?

A safe word is a word that your partner uses in a scenario that often involves consent play. This might involve the act of forcing them to do something that they don’t want to do, and their resistance and saying of “no, stop, please don’t” might be part of their fantasy. This obviously makes it very difficult to figure out when exactly the line of “really, just stop” has been crossed, and that’s when a safe word comes into play.

Usually, the safe word that is chosen is a word consistent throughout all scenarios. This word will have nothing to do with the scenarios itself, and it might be something as silly and out there as the word pudding. When your partner wants you to stop or feels uncomfortable in general with the way the scenario is going, they will say the safe word and you will take that as a cue to stop what you are doing and bring an end to the scenario entirely. There are other options for safe words as well, and that is especially important if their mouth is otherwise in use, such as if they are gagged. Because your partner will not be able to speak, there are often visual cues such as tapping of a foot or smacking of a hand onto something that will cue that you have gone to far, and it’s time for you to stop what you are doing in order to let your partner have a breather. Safe words are often discussed on reviews of bondage sites, and should always be a part of your scenarios.

The Ease of Use For a Safe Word Is Important

“Say it before you are choked to death”

A safe word should be, first and foremost, extremely easy to remember and recall for your partner in the heat of the moment. It also shouldn’t be overly long and difficult, because if it is, it might be too hard to say when your partner is already feeling overwhelmed and looking for an outlet. Safe words are best kept to quick, concise words, but also must be words that have no meaning in the midst of your scenario. If you pick the wrong safe word, there’s a chance that your partner might just blurt it out and not even think about it…and you’ll stop dead and break character in order to ask if they’re okay. This can entirely ruin the mood of your scenario for the night, and that’s not something to go and leave an amazing review on a bondage site about for sure.

Picking the wrong safe word can result in a dangerous situation overall for your partner. If she picks something overly complicated, she will find herself unable to quickly cut off the kind of scenario that is making her feel uncomfortable, because there’s a chance that she might have forgotten the safe word itself. As always, remind her of the safe word that she’s chosen before the actual scenario itself starts, and that will hopefully insure that there is no difficulty in remembering exactly what it is. Safe words are integral to the trust and happiness of your partner, and without them, a fun, consensual bondage situation simply can’t happen.

What If She Doesn’t Want a Safe Word?

“A sign would work”

Tell her that she needs one anyway. It doesn’t matter how many reviews of bondage sites that she’s read that tell her that safe words are unnecessary if you trust your partner–it isn’t about the dominant partner creating a poor scenario or scaring their other half, and that’s a fact. Safe words are there for submissives to use whenever they feel the slightest bit of discomfort or unwillingness to continue, no matter what happens in the scenario itself. Tell her that she needs a safe word for her own safety–as the name applies, after all–and hopefully that will convince her to pick one and pick one that she remembers and uses in the future as needed.

If she still refuses to pick a safe word, insisting that she trusts you and knows that you’ll treat her well, then refuse to have a scenario with her. It isn’t just about protecting her at that point, but it’s also about protecting yourself and your own reputation. Again, safe words are there in order to prevent harmful situations from happening, especially in the midst of consent play. By choosing to not pick a safe word, she is labeling herself as being unaware of her own boundaries, and therefore, she is labeling herself as an immature partner that isn’t ready for that sort of interaction. You should avoid these kinds of partners because ultimately, they will cause themselves–and you as well–more harm than good.

Safe Words Are The End All, Be All

“Nope! Not happening – no safe word, no Bondage or even sex”

Without a safe word, scenarios simply shouldn’t happen at all, whether they are involving light bondage or full-on BDSM in general. Safe words are the bread and butter of the bondage community, or at least they should be. Without them, you will not be able to have a safe, sane, and consensual relationship to the full degree that bondage will allow. That means that you will not have the kind of fulfilling sex that bondage is meant to provide for both you and your partner. Keep this in mind, and always insist on a safe word no matter how much your partner is trying to say that they trust you.

If you ever hesitate and think that it will be okay to not use a safe word with your partner, then you should try and remember the ramifications of not having proper consent in a sexual situation in general. That’s called rape, and yes, you can actually end up in jail for this. It would not be the first time for a submissive to call rape on their dominant half when they simply didn’t want to use a safe word and the situation became far more than they could handle. You do not want this kind of situation to happen to you, so always insist on having your partner have a safe word in the wings as needed. Even if they never utter it a single time in all the years that you might be together, it’s there for a reason, and it will make you both feel far more at ease when you begin a scenario.

Avoid the Foot to Mouth Disease – Things you Should Never Say to Women

“Be wary of what you say next”

We’ve all put our foot in our mouth at least a time or two when talking to women. It is no secret that men and women communicate differently, but it isn’t enough to simply realize there is a difference. You have to know what that difference is and how women interpret the things that men say. Here are a few of the major things you should never say to women.

What Not to Say When Sugar Daddy Dating

“Just try to keep your mouth shut”

When you’re just starting out in the world of sugar daddy dating you have to learn how to watch what you say about money, your social status, and your self-esteem. The key to your success (Learn more about sugar daddy dating) is remembering what it is that sugar babies are seeking. These young women seek out sugar daddy dating because they want the experience of dating a man who is rich, powerful, self-confident, and in control. You don’t actually have to be any of these things. Just don’t let on that you aren’t. Think of it as a form of role playing. As long as they feel like you’re treating them like a princess and they’re getting the experience they were after, it doesn’t matter. To keep it simple, when you’re sugar daddy dating, don’t ever tell a woman you’re broke, that you have an average, powerless job like IT support, or that you feel like a loser. If you do, you’ll never make it as a sugar daddy.

What Not to Say to a Fling

Fling dating is fun because it offers a lot of freedom from the social constraints of conventional dating. Unfortunately, a lot of guys think this means they can say whatever they want, and it’s all good. Then they’re surprised and embarrassed when their fling takes offense. The best way to keep your foot out of your mouth when you’re fling dating is to remember that you’re still with a woman. Don’t compare her to other women you’ve had sex with. Don’t ever say anything that is less than flattering about her weight or appearance. And definitely don’t make the jerk move of making her feel like you think she’s a slut. As long as whatever comes out of your mouth isn’t unkind or disrespectful, you’ll probably stay in good standing with your fling.

What Not to Say When You Meet Married Women for Sex

“Do not comment on her weight or age”

Here is another important sub set of dating which you should know what not to say., When you meet married women for sex, what you say matters more than you might think. In fact, it probably matters more than with any other group of women. (courtesy of When a woman is having an affair, she’s probably receiving too much criticism at home. This has caused her to seek reassurance from another man. To meet married women and woo them into bed with you, avoid saying anything that sounds even remotely critical about them. This is especially true regarding their looks and aging. As women get older, possibly after having kids, they long for their youth and are terrified that they’re no longer sexy. Let your words convince her otherwise, and she’ll likely reward you for how you talk to her in some very pleasurable ways. You should also be careful about how you talk about your own wife, when you meet married women, because she might sympathize with her if you’re nasty.

When In Doubt, Don’t Spit It Out

Sometimes it can seem like no matter what you say to women, it won’t be right. There are just too many ways to get it wrong! This isn’t actually true, but it can feel like it when you’re still learning what not to say. Keep this in mind: if you’re in doubt about whether or not to say something, you probably shouldn’t. It’s always better to err on the side of caution. No harm has ever come from keeping your mouth shut, but plenty has come from opening your mouth and saying something you shouldn’t have. The most important things to remember when talking to women are that most of them love to be appreciated, and a sincere compliment rarely misses the mark. On the other hand, criticism usually does not go over well, and if you’re just having casual sex, not an actual relationship, there are very few situations in which it should ever be your place to say anything critical, anyway. Your choices of words help women form their opinions about who you are and whether or not they want anything to do with you. Choose words that give the impression of someone kind, self-confident, and in charge, and most women will be impressed. Break the habit of blurting things out. Take a breath, count to five, and decide if whatever you were about to say is in alignment with the kind of impression you want to make. You’ll cure yourself of foot to mouth disease in no time.

Computer Upgrades That Make Cam Watching More Enjoyable

Any time you are looking into upgrading your computer or buying a new one, it’s always a good idea to prioritize the various different things you intend to use it for. One of the more commonly overlooked parts of this is making sure everything is up to snuff when it comes to our nightly habits such as cam watching. Part of this is due to the fact that even if we were keeping this in mind, most of us have no idea what computer parts are actually going to make a difference when it comes to streaming video. The thing that seems to have the greatest affect, after all, seems to be the internet connection more than anything else. So what are our options for making visits to popular live chat sites go smoother?

Why Having a Desktop Tower Is Actually Beneficial

“Go for a better computer hardware”

The one thing that is going to have more of an effect on your decision is exactly what kind of a computer you have. We aren’t talking about who made it or when it came out, either. It has a lot more to do with the form factor than anything else. While the world shifts more and more to laptop computers, the benefits of the computer tower seem less and less in comparison. What a lot of people tend to forget is that the main benefit for having a tower is the easy path to upgrades. That means two years from now when the technology has shift significantly for one part or another, you will only have to replace one part to stay on the edge of the trend, but what it also means is that when something goes wrong, or you just need a little more power, it’s a lot easier to fix the situation on your own. That means fewer fees along with better customization.

What it also means, however, is more options when it comes to what you can actually upgrade. Not only are you in a better position when it comes to having to make the replacement in the first place, but you also have a lot more choices when it comes to finding the perfect replacement part. If you have an all in one computer in place of a full tower, for example, you can upgrade it, but the parts you have to choose from for an all in one are going to be considerably more limited in comparison to the same part in a tower. The more brands and form factors you have to choose from, the better deal you are going to get. If you are considering a new home computer, always remember the benefits of sticking to a good tower system no matter how pretty your other choices might look on the desk. Remember, wires can always be hidden.

RAM: the Universal Upgrade

“Freezing problems are not sorted like this”

One thing you can replace in most computers out there, is RAM. In fact, this used to be without exception until just recently, and that is only in reference to a handful of computers out of the thousands you could possibly choose from. RAM is one of two types of memory typically found on modern day computers, with the other being your hard drive. The acronym stands for Random Access Memory, and it has become not only increasingly more important, but increasingly cheaper and more broadly available. The reason it has become so important in most modern computer setups is that your RAM, sometimes just called “memory,” is the greatest contributor to your ability to multitask on any system you could build or buy.

Even if you think you are only doing one thing at a time, or are in fact only focusing on one task, you can rest assured that your computer is doing a heck of a lot more in the background. We’re willing to bet that even the browser being used to view the live chat sites also has more than one other tab open to popular social networking sites, forums, news, walkthroughs, or whatever else you might have had open before you started. All of those sites are taking up RAM as well as some processing power. Antivirus, antimalware, chat programs – you name it, and its running, you can guarantee it’s sitting in your RAM. In fact, every operating system out there offers a way to keep track of system resource usage and you might be surprised to find out much of your RAM is being used up when you don’t think you are doing much at all.

Since every program uses it, and the more you have the easier it is to handle the amount of programs you are using at once, it becomes very obvious very quickly why RAM is so useful. Another thing to keep in mind, however, is that out of everything on your computer, the programs that use and manipulate video are going to be the ones that need RAM the most. That includes streaming video. Thus, not only is it the best option for most computer upgrades, it is also the best option for streaming video most of the time. Making this even more of an easy choice is the fact that there are only two form factors for RAM and every computer in the world, with very, very few exceptions uses one of those types. So if you think you could use an upgrade, but you still aren’t sure what to get, buy RAM. All real cam websites require a good RAM to run seamlessly on a system. Click to read adult live chat site reviews and know which sites are the best for your system.

When Having a Dedicated Graphics Card Is Actually Useful

There are a few situations when having a dedication graphics card, or GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) can make a difference, and video, as you might have guessed, is one of them. Sitting down at your favorite live chat sites may not necessarily benefit, however, unless h.264 encoding becomes more popular than it is at the moment. For the most part, cam sites rely on Flash to feed you the video stream. In fact, most streaming sites use that platform in spite of having to rely on people having the Flash plugin installed on their computer. The reason for this has as much to do with the amount of control sites can have over flash content as it does the ubiquitous nature of the plugin and the fact that it is even bundled with many popular browsers and operating systems. If, however, you do happen to find a cam site that offers streams in HTML5 or specifically h.264 format, then you would actually get some benefit from upgrading your processing power.

Why How Old the Parts Are Really Does Matter

“Upgrade your computer parts for a better experience”

Aside from everything else, it is always best to assess how long you have had your hardware. Computer parts actually face a lot of wear and tear that many people forget about in normal use, and will eventually fail. This is especially important when considering parts like your power supply, which many people never replace even though it can literally kill your parts if it goes bad. More specifically towards video streaming, however, is that once you go a couple of years back, the parts become literally incapable of handling newer formats, programming languages, operating systems, and the like. A good rule of thumb is to seriously consider an upgrade after you hit five years.

Office Equipment: To Lease or To Buy?

The moment you start your own business, you may feel entitled to immediately go shopping for office equipment to furnish it. However, you may be torn between two options: whether to buy or just lease the equipment. Which would be the smarter move? In order to identify which will be better for your business, make sure that you base your decision on your capital and flexibility. To help you through, know how both of these choices can help you or do otherwise.

Leasing office equipment

Although choosing to lease your office materials will give you the chance to be flexible, long-term leasing might pull you down since it can be a bit pricey. An advantage of leasing, though, is that it does not require a down payment – or in some cases, only a little. This will help save your budget a couple folds. Moreover, you may be able to acquire specific tax deductions for lease costs. But the greatest benefit would be that you could easily replace office equipment the moment they get obsolete and hardly-functional.

Pay to Rent or Lease Office Furniture and Equipment

Pay to Rent or Lease Office Furniture and Equipment

However, it could have its downsides, too. For one, leasing can be expensive. At times, it would be as expensive as just simply purchasing the equipment instead. More so, you do not own the equipment, technically-speaking, while you keep on paying for it. Furthermore, once you’re in a leasing agreement, you may not be able to change that decision to buying an item instead.

Buying office equipment

A lot of business owners who have more capital would definitely prefer to buy their office equipment rather than lease them. The advantage of buying them is that you can claim ownership over those items, of course. You are not only assured that you will not be accounted for the damages; buying items will also build your list of assets. You could also be able to take advantage of the tax breaks that will be made available for businesses that invest in their office furniture and other equipment. Plus, you will get depreciation deductions for your equipment, too.

On the flip side, buying will require you to give a down payment if you buy on time. It will also restrict your credit, which you may have used on other matters in case of emergency, once you’ve charged your new equipment to your credit line. Moreover, you will need to be able to maintain your equipment yourself and it may cost you a lot of money, not to mention, trouble.

Office Furniture and Equipment: Buying Second Hand Furniture

Office Furniture and Equipment: Buying Second Hand Furniture

The verdict

There are pros and cons to each decision, so the choice of buying or leasing would only be up to you in the end. When your business relies on computers and is based on offices that move, leasing might be the good way to go. However, if your business revolves around a permanent central office, you should just consider buying your stuff.

5 Retirement Myths That You Should Ditch

There is nothing better to look forward to as you get older than your retirement. There are lots of things for you to do when you retire. You can have a vacation, travel, or just chill and relax somewhere. You have all the time in the world. However, there are things that you need to do and plan when you retire. There are also myths that you need to debunk in order for you to experience the best of your retirement.

1. Planning only on the year of retirement

This is one myth that you should ditch. Planning is a very integral aspect before you retire. It is during this phase that you set things straight and create goals during retirement. Failing to plan ahead will put you to doom. A year of planning is more than enough to make your retirement worth waiting.

5 hard facts on retirement

5 hard facts on retirement

2. Settle for 1 million dollars as savings

Sure 1 million dollars is a pretty huge sum of money, but this is not enough to last for the rest of your life. The prices are getting high and with a stumbling economy your savings will get exhausted before you die. Seek the advice of financial advisers and both of you will draft how much you will need for the rest of your life. Depending on your cost of living, you will probably need more than a million.

3. You can plan your retirement by yourself

As mentioned earlier, planning is very critical when you opt to retire. However, planning alone isn’t the best idea. Yes you can have the best plans for yourself, but you will certainly overlook some factors that experts have already studied. Sometimes people from the outside can see what you can’t. By having experts and advisers guide you, your plan will surely be and effective and fruitful.

Retirement myth you should ditch

Retirement myth you should ditch

4. Withdrawing your savings in lump sum is a great idea

Depending on how you use the money, withdrawing a lump sum may not be a good idea. However, if you do not need the money at the moment it will be a bad idea to withdraw it as a lump sum. Taxes will be high when you withdraw it, thereby decreasing the amount that you will get. Also, it will be easy for you to spend money as it is readily available. Withdraw systematically and save this money for emergencies or unplanned expenses.

5. Retire when you are at age 65

You might think that being 65 is old, but you are wrong. There are a lot of things you can do when you are 65 years old and you can be as productive as you can be. Try to delay retirement until the age of 70. When you reach this age, you will not only have big savings but you can also get more from your Social Security benefits.

Retiring can be fun. Do not be misled by myths about retiring. Always check your facts and don’t be afraid to seek professional advice. Myths may be based on truths, but somehow it is better to search for the truth than be entangled by these myths.

5 Best Long Distance Running Shoes That You Could Use!

Are you looking for a pair of sneakers that would meet your needs when it comes to distance running? There would be a lot of choice that you could check but only few past durability and effectiveness.

You have to consider a lot of things before getting running shoes. This will provide extra support and prevent major injuries. The following are 5 best running shoes:


If you are more on support, then you got the perfect shoes. Well fit and has cushioning trademark that guarantees a soft landing. When it comes to price, it is a great value.

This was also been designed for extreme comfort and perfect for running. It has feature called SHIELD that was made for water repellent materials.

Recommended for: runners with flat feet, and hard core runners.

Designed for: longs runs and marathon.

The 25 Best Running Shoes of 2013

The 25 Best Running Shoes of 2013

2. ASICS GT-2170

With Asics GT 2170, this is one of the core shoe that has been designed by Asics. With a PHF (Personalized Heel Fit) design made for comfort for running and a solid cushioned package. When it comes to stability, this is one of the most successful designs ever.

Recommended for: runners who like stability and comfort.

Designed for: walking, and marathon.


This was designed for amazing fit and smoothness. It is lightweight and has a quick transition. When it comes to stability, your feet will be protected if you are in for a long mile run.

Recommended for: beginners.

Designed for: long run and training.


This is good for runners that prefer firm and lightweight design. Its versatility and durability would make a great partner for long distance road racer. And can be used for workout training as well.

Recommended for: runners who trained and do long distance road racer.

Designed for: hardcore running and training.


This was designed for bouncy neutral shoe; the comfort of being fresh even in long runs can be an advantage. It would perform well on rough road and dirt. All in all it’s a versatile shoe, than be worn in different runs.

Recommended for: all levels looking for a smooth ride.

Design for: rough road and any other runs.

adidas Energy BOOST your Run

adidas Energy BOOST your Run

Actually all running shoes are best, it only depends the comfort of the runner. We may say that these shoes are the best, because of the experience. Most the shoes have the same function like stability, comfort, and durability.

They only defer on prices. But it doesn’t mean that if the running shoes are worth more than $100, it will give you the best among the rest. So, before you buy running shoes. Make sure you are well equipping on the shoes that you would like to buy.

5 Natural Aphrodisiacs to Spice up Your Sex Life

Aphrodisiac derived its name from the Greek goddess of love and rapture of sexual desire, Aphrodite. It is the term used to call foods or pills which arouse sexual desire and often prescribed by sex psychologists for couples who wanted to boost their sexual life or those who are feeling a bit cold in their relationships.

Sex drives can change through time, age, and your overall relationship with your partner. If you feel like the odds are against you in adding spice to your relationship, then get those plate and start serving the following for dinner:


Baked oysters are a classic favorite when talking about edible aphrodisiacs. According to anecdotal accounts, Casanova, a well-known lover boy of the 18th Century takes at least 50 oysters for breakfast every day. With that quantity, you’ll sure be ravishing with sexual desire for your partner, unless you have certain allergic reactions.

Based on myths, goddess Aphrodite sprang from a shell of Oyster. If myths were true, this should be enough explanation why oysters are well known food for the love mood. On a scientific basis, oysters have massive amount of zinc and enough iron which are both essential in having a healthy sperm count for males.


There’s one thing that can light up people in a bad mood: chocolates! Who doesn’t love it? Chocolates are said to have a high amount of serotonin, a chemical that affects the mood of a person turning it from lousy to active. Thus, chocolates can make you feel more affectionate towards your partner and certainly excited to do the “thing” together.

Perhaps, it’s one of the reasons why chocolates become staple every Valentine’s day.




The Aztecs didn’t call avocado the “testicle tree” for nothing. Aside from its shape which resembles the human testicles, it is rich in vitamins A, E, and a good amount of fat which are all required in having a healthy and active sex life. These nutrients give your body and heart more endurance which allows you to have longer sexy time with your partner.

Pumpkin Pie

Forget Halloween and Thanksgiving. You’re about to have a one, steamy night after you serve pumpkin pies for dessert. In a study initiated by the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago, the smell of a pumpkin pie can increase one’s sexual desires, particularly to men. The scent is said to increase penile blood flow by a whopping 40% than its usual state. The secret is the combined scent of other ingredients such as cinnamon and vanilla.

Coconut water

Coconut water is perfect for a hot weather, but do you know that it can spice up your nights as well? Coconut water has the same electrolyte content as with your blood, thus increases your metabolism. When your metabolism gets higher, you blood flow also increases in different parts of your body, including the genital areas. Although you can’t feel the effect of coconut juice as aphrodisiacs then and there, you are assured to have a healthy progress in your sex life and over all lifestyle.

10 foods to boost your libido

10 foods to boost your libido

Viagra and other synthetic sexual stimulants got their idea from nature itself. If you have a lot of time to make up with your partner why rush and take those pills that could pose health risks to you? These natural aphrodisiacs offer a healthier way of spicing up your relationship with your partner.

Social Photo Sharing Services: Top 3 Applications

Photo sharing has become a common activity for people who are engaged in social media. Through the combination of websites and applications, it is now easy for you to share your digital pictures publicly or privately. This is an alternative way for you to share and show pictures to the rest of the world. This does not necessarily mean that others can download your pictures. You are just sharing your pictures to people who you have allowed to view it or, depending on your copyright options, to people you have allowed to download and use these pictures.

Get that retro-looking image with Instagram

One of the most popular photo sharing application and website is Instagram. It is so popular that even Facebook opted to buy this company because of the potential revenue it will generate from this social media site. This application offers a lot of filters to users. The great thing about these filters and options are they are very easy to use. Using this application can simply transform your boring photos into the coolest pictures in the planet. The downside of using Instagram is that it is difficult to get a closer look of the photo you have taken. It is because the moment you zoom in the resolution will also be reduced, affecting the clarity of the picture. If you want to get the photo effects that you want without having a hard time editing it, then this is the application for you.

L.A., let Uber's cars share the road

L.A., let Uber’s cars share the road

Snapspeed app for serious photo editors

If you want to have greater control and more editing choices for your pictures, then it is best to choose the Snapspeed app. This is an application that has a great gesture-based interface that grants you total control in adding effects and editing photos. This is not an application for ordinary users. This is a very powerful application made for photo enthusiasts who are well adept at photography. The gesture-based interface can be pretty overwhelming for users, but with just a couple of tries you can get used to Snapspeed’s tools. You will just need a lot of practice, some motivation, and a little bit of patience if you want to master using it.

EyeEm, your Instagram alternative

When Instagram changed its terms of use, many users terminated their account and left the photo sharing site. One alternative that most people found is EyeEm. This is a great application to use. Like Instagram, it is easy to use with cool filters and editing choices that can pump up your pictures. It is so easy to use that your phones pre-installed camera options is more complicated than the application’s tools. Another great thing about it is that you can add text to your pictures.

Live discussion: sharing services to save councils money

Live discussion: sharing services to save councils money

There are no shortages of websites and applications that you can use to share photos. It is just up to you to pick one or several of them. Privacy options are also important when choosing an application. You don’t know where your photos will end up, so it is best to consider your copyright options.